Protection against electromagnetic waves

Goodman R, Weisbrot D, 2003-Pathology Dept, Columbia University Health Sciences, United States

Over-activation of the SRE DNA sequence is a sign of cellular stress (as well as an increase in the synthesis of the stress protein HSP 70 DNA – see above). The C-Myc, C-Fos, and C-Jun genes play an important role in regulating and controlling the development of organisms, and are known to come into play in cell invasive spread processes. These genes control cell growth through the regulatory sequence of DNA called SRE, Serum Response Element.

The test is to quantify the over-activation of the SRE on living systems studied and exposed to the electromagnetic radiation of a mobile phone. This overactivation promotes cell proliferation, is could promote a cancerous process.

The results of the study objectively show a significant cellular stress related to exposure. The presence of the clearing oscillator (CMO) allows the return to normal of the SRE

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