Protection against electromagnetic waves

Health is our most precious possession.

Even the richest person in the world couldn't afford it.

But it's also our most fragile thing.

The balance at the heart of our entire system can shift at any time.

So many factors can affect our health.

Here are some:

  • Bad nutrition;
  • work overload;
  • lack of sleep;
  • lack of sun;
  • viruses, bacteria, microbes;
  • various diseases.


The electromagnetic fields which circulate around us all the time

Creating a serene atmosphere

Harmful waves are emitted by electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, wireless routers, smart meters, cell phone antennas and many others.

The compensators harmonise your place where it is good to live by protecting the whole family; kids, pets… and your plants.

Electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) are present all around us.

There are 2 types:

Natural fields created by nature

The tides, the full moon, tsunamis, storms, thunderstorms and lightning, northern lights…

All created by a force of attraction between space and earth.

These natural events bother us but in a way temporary. Our system is able to return to normal.

Just think of the effects of the full moon on our mood, our sleep…

Or to remember how the children are excited on the eve of a storm of snow…

Artificial fields created by man:

The so-called smart devices, the electric pylons, the smart meter, the baby monitor, the induction hob, etc…

These fields appeared mainly over the past century. Their growth is exponential.

These devices emit very high frequencies and microwaves we endure them in a way
constant, 24/24.

They have short, medium and long term effects on our biology and degradation sets in.

Our system has no pause to regain its balance and correct its ground.

Artificial electromagnetic fields causes several discomforts at the very beginning such as:

  • Fatigue;
  • sleep;
  • irritability;
  • shortness of breath;
  • chest pressure.

A CMO, or electromagnetic wave compensator, is a passive, autonomous system without batteries. It is said to be passive because it needs external frequencies to be stimulated. There are frequencies everywhere, so it is always on.

It works by resonance effect. The waves emitted by the CMO are infinitely small, identical to those of human, animal or plant cells. They go through everything or they infiltrate everywhere. It is for this reason that these devices protect us against electromagnetic frequencies.

Each of our cells, and we are made up of billions of cells, have antennae to receive nutrients of all kinds. It is through a tiny electric current that these antennas will let these nutrients penetrate inside.

The artificial frequencies strike and overexcite these antennas and cause serious imbalances.

This is where CMOs play their roles.

They were designed to counteract the harmful effects of artificial frequencies especially. These devices emit a healthy resonance as in our cells. This health resonance will occupy all the space on these antennas and in this way prevent very high frequencies from harming our biology. Our body stays in harmony and can keep its energy.

Our most popular CMO

The practical and portable CMO!

It has the shape of a small pebble 6.5cm in diameter and only 1cm thick.

Thanks to its weight of only 20 grams, it is perfect as a keychain and can easily be placed in the purse, on the desk or even in the school bag or children’s pencil case.

It generates a protection bubble for all types of frequencies, 3 meters in diameter (12 feet). He is the CMO par excellence to protect you at all times wherever you are; at work, in class, on a trip.


Since the baby was born, I have not had a break. It hadn’t been a full night. He woke up up to 6 times a night. I bought the kit-2 with the gold cone for the house. That same day, my baby slept a full night. I was the one who got up twice to see if he was okay. I am really delighted.
Jessica-Mother of a 9 month old baby in Quebec City
I bought the purple cone, Harmony MF04, and immediately saw a difference. I no longer felt this pressure in the chest, heart level and plexus. I offer it to all my friends.


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