Protection against electromagnetic waves

What is a CMO?

The C.M. O. is the name given to a technology developed by the laboratories Tecnolab-COMOSYSTEMS and which aims to compensate for the adverse effects of the exposure of the human body to electromagnetic fields.

C.M. O means ” Compensating Magnetic Oscillator “, which means magnetic compensation oscillator.

The CMO is a passive (self-contained, battery-free) system. That is, it will use the electromagnetic field of the environment to operate. When the CMO is placed in the electromagnetic field pollutant (telephone, wifi, antenna relay, etc.), by resonance effect the CMO will generate a micro signal; This is the Compensation signal. This compensation signal emitted by the CMO is of the same order of magnitude as the magnetic field emitted by the brain: 150 femto Tesla so hyper weak. The CMO will simply compensate for the biological effects caused by electromagnetic waves and allow the cells of the organism to exchange in a normal and natural way despite the presence of electromagnetic radiation (see studies). It will allow a homeostasis this clearing signal can therefore not have any influence on the electronic part of the devices.

CMO Biotechnology

Dr. J. Monro found that when a tube of water is exposed to an electromagnetic field, this tube is capable of restoring an electromagnetic signal: it is the origin of the structuring of the water. Many people know how to structure water, but this structuring (so this water memory) is going to be effective 1 month or 2 maximum. Moreover, this structuring will be lost if another transmitter is placed next to this tube: the water will then be structured according to this new source.

Inside the CMO lies a small tube (in the case of cones it is a sphere), which contains not water, is born a microcrystalline solution: This is the active solution. The chemical composition of this active solution does not matter, which is important it is the electromagnetic signal generated by the CMO. The specificity of the CMO is certainly to have been able to structure the active solution, especially to have been able to perpetuate this active solution in time, even when exposed to other electromagnetic fields. Internal tests showed the continuation of the CMO’s compensation signal even after 20 years. The working principle of this active solution is close to the principle of water memory and homeopathy, described by Professors Luc Montagnier and Marc Henry.


Ions within their protein cavity have oscillation and rotational motion.
The calcium ion For example has a clean frequency of rotation at 35 Hz within this cavity, and a clean frequency in oscillation between 1 and 2 GHz. These values are in the frequency ranges of the waves emitted by mobile phones for example.
These similarities will promote the rupture of bonds between these ions and their protein, a source of biological disorders. The CMO will maintain the functional bond between the ion and the protein.

A few essential bases to understand this principle of bioactive resonances.

A-Wave measurements

Two parameters are measured for the waves:

  • A-a measurement of the intensity of these waves, expressing itself in Gauss or Tesla for a magnetic field, and in Volt/m for the electric field. For artificial electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, Wifi, televisions, radio, antennas and cell phone transmission towers …)), we will measure the emitted power, or more precisely the power density that is defined as “the rate of energy circulating through a known surface”, the measurement being taken at a distance of several wavelengths from the radio frequency source. This power density is expressed in Watt/m2. The DAS (specific Absorption rate: parameter used to “encrypt” the dangerousness of the Waves), is considered a quantitative measure for exposure close to the source; It corresponds to the measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the body. In fact the DAS corresponds to a thermal heating, Without biological consideration.
  • B-the second measurement concerns the frequency of the waves which is measured in Hertz (Hz), or number of cycles per second. 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second.

The speech of the “official” experts is essentially at the level of the intensity measures.

B-the phenomenon of resonance

The frequencies of the devices cover either directly or by their harmonics the same frequency ranges as the oscillations of the ions calcium, magnesium, sodium, lithium … even more complex systems such as amino acids, or even organs as a whole. These internal (biological) and external (electromagnetic pollution) frequency interferences create resonances and beats that generate altered ion movement at the cellular level and therefore modify their concentration within cells. This is shown by the intracellular concentration of calcium in the pituitary gland cells (see study:) Calcium Concentration in the cells of the pituitary gland) Which is multiplied by more than 2 after exposure to the cell phone and returns to normal with the CMO.
The polluting devices are therefore on the same frequency ranges as the movements of certain ions at the cell level, but in addition the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of these devices is millions or even billions of times stronger.

See all studies under the tab “ Innovative technology »



The minimum guaranteed lifespan is 2 years, since the biological tests carried out at 2 years intervals with the same CMO give strictly the same protection results. (University of Montpellier).

However, the techniques and frequencies used by telecommunications and other electronic devices evolve over time, which makes us regularly update the emission spectrum of our own products.

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