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Antibody Production

Bastide M, 1997 – Youbicier-Simo B-J, 2001 – Montpellier University, France

The antibodies studied (immunoglobulin G-IgG) are defense molecules produced by the body to counteract any foreign molecule. A depression of the immune system creates conditions conducive to the onset of chronic or recurrent infections, benign (such as “Brain Cold”), and can be an aggravating factor in people whose health is already fragile (” Sanitary Sentinels “).

The quasi-disappearance (-95%) of IgG antibody production in young chickens exposed to the radiation of the CRT computer screen highlights the important role of electromagnetic fields on the organism, which cause a Collapse of the immune system of the subjects studied. The presence of the compensation oscillator (CMO) allows the return to normal of the antibody level.

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